I am not a good piano player, not by any stretch of the imagination. But, when I work really hard, I can do OK on the keyboard. Probably, my music is not the worst you have ever heard! Hopefully, you will think it is better than that :-)

With that in mind, here is some of my music I have done on the keyboard. I wrote the music for these songs myself, and played them with my own fingers :-)

These are MP3 music files, just click on the links, and they should begin to play after they have downloaded. If you have a cable modem, or DSL connection, you can download them with very little wait. Regular phone / modem connections will take a few minutes for each song, but I hope you think the time is well spent.

1. Jig. This is a peppy 3-beat piece, I did in spring 2005.

2. I Can Say How Much I Love You. This song is about 4 megabytes. I like it very much. It's about love, what else can I say? I did this in the fall of 2001. The piano and harp are the main intruments, I hope you like it.

3. Walker. This is about someone walking through an interesting place, seeing some new and interesting thing every few steps. I like to imagine some exotic place as I listen to it. It is about 5 megabytes. I also wrote this in fall of 2001. I like the drum here - just banging, it's easy, simple, and fun to listen to.

Here are musical pieces by people who are much better musicians than me. Everyone should hear these pieces, at least once in their lives. They are so beautiful. There is little for me to say about them, just listen. (I wish I could say that I played these myself, but no, these are beyond my simple keyboard skills.)

Here is Bach Fugue in D - I have changed the arrangement of the music to be mostly Piccolo's, Vibrahpones, and Piano's. I think that this is much more beautiful than the original arrangement, which was the church organ. The file size is about 12 megs. It is worth the wait, this is one of my most favorite pieces of music.

Now, to hear the most amazing piano piece, listen to Bach Brandenburg Concerto Number 3. I have changed the arrangement here so that it is mostly piano, with an accompanying harp (it is supposed to be played with violins). With this change, this is the most fantastic piece of piano music that there has been, or ever will be. It is fantasticly beautiful, stunning, and powerful, all the way through, from the beginning to the end -- but especially near the end. You must hear this piano piece, never have you heard the piano played like this before. The file is about 15 megabytes, but it is worth every byte, believe me.

For a very musical, fun, and enjoyable piece of piano music, listen to Figaro on the Piano. You will enjoy it I am sure. It is about 4 megs. It's so lively and full of life!

Reverie and Le Carnival des Animaux. These peices are so beautiful, there is nothing left to say about them. Just listen.

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