Steve and Marina Capps
Concord Park Party April 5 2003

Greetings, everyone, from Marina and Steve Capps.

Amy and Greg Kessee invited us to "The Cove" at Concord Park for their son Nolan's 3rd birthday party, on April 5, 2003.. We said yes, of course. The strange part is we had planned to have a picnic there anyway on the exact same day.

Before we went to the party, Marina and I bicycled around a bit -- and we saw Amy leaving Sams in her car!
She waved at us and asked if we were coming, we said yes, of course.

So later that day, we arrive. Marina sees Nolan, the Birthday Boy, near all the presents. There's a big group of helium balloons, so I take their photo.

The problem is Nolan ran away before I could snap the picture! He's over to the right somewhere, running fast!!!


First, we go walk around the park. The park is big, it's a beautiful day, and Marina wants to swing on the swings.


I want to fly a kite.


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